About Akira

Akira Iwase


Akira is an inspirational speaker and traveller with more than 35K subscribers worldwide for his YouTube channel which posts hundreds of informational videos inspired by many global spiritual leaders such as Bashar, Abraham, Ryo, Oprah Winfrey etc.

The universal laws and law of attraction blended by Akira’s major foundation – psychology and astrology – captured the hearts of many viewers which grew exponentially just in a few months.

Since 2015, over 10,000 people have attended his sessions, seminars, and public speeches in the area of self-empowerment, self-development and the universal laws.

Although his activities to guide and coach people still continues, his passion is now expanding infinitely to travel all around the world through love and synchronicities, while enjoying everyone’s passion and their purposes are also fulfilled simultaneously.

Throughout his new journey, Akira is uploading YouTube videos from everywhere on planet earth, to share his countless experiences of positive synchronicities to be brought by just following his true excitement.




【Education / Certifications / Career】
・B.A. Yokohama National University (1998)
・B.A. Metropolitan State College of Denver (1997)
・Certified NLP Practitioner (2014)
・990 (full score) for TOEIC (1997, 2007)
・Executive Committee member, Head of Consumer Marketing (Symantec Japan, 2008-2014)
・Senior Product Marketing Manager (Microsoft Japan, 1998-2006)