Vision Statement            

 Create the beautiful world where everyone is expressing their highest, truest selves while understanding and appreciating the difference of each other. 



Having learned the psychology and the spirituality (i.e. law of the universe) while applying them to my own life for many years, there is one thing that I’ve come to believe with strong conviction; that is,

Expressing your highest & truest self is THE way to achieve the most fulfilling & successful life.


This doesn’t mean a “zero-sum game” where someone has to lose when someone wins ; but rather, the more people living their highest & truest selves will only accelerate the others to do just the same.

It is because we are like “jig-saw puzzle” all in different shapes.

Each of us living his/her truest self means that the “shape” of each puzzle piece becomes clearer, which helps others to express their truest selves more easily & confidently.



And the “Element Perspective Theory” (EPT) is the tool to help people realize their own shapes of their puzzle pieces in relation to the whole (oneness).

With this tool, I hope many more people will be able to live their highest and truest selves, not just in Japan but around the globe.

Please contact me via Facebook Messenger or E-mail if you would like to know more about “Element Perspective Theory“.


Thank you, and I sincerely wish you make your “SOUL” come true!


Akira Iwase