Element Perspective Theory

“Element Perspective Theory” was created based on astrology, psychology, and spirituality.

It enables people to become aware of their true nature in simplest, yet practical way, so they can bring out the best version of themselves, while also helping others to do the same.

The theory is consisted of following 3 layers :

① Outer & Inner self

Outer self = Public role & service (equivalent of Sun sign)

Inner self = Emotional & energetic drive  (equivalent of Moon sign)


② Energy Type  (Element)

Fire : Passionate, Instinctive, Exploring, Creation

Earth : Physical, Constructive, Stable, Realization

Air : Logical, Objective, Curious, Communication

Water : Emotional, Imaginative, Empathetic, Integration


③ View point (Perspective)

Primitive :  focus on self

Interpersonal : focus on relationship

Transcendant :  focus on universality


Combination of these 3 layers will help you to understand about yourself and others in terms of true desire, purpose, talent, charm, values etc.

If you are interested in go deeper, you can learn more about trait of each zodiac sign as associated below.

Fire Primitive = Aries

Earth Primitive = Taurus

Air Primitive = Gemini

Water Primitive = Cancer

Fire Interpersonal = Leo

Earth Interpersonal = Virgo

Air Interpersonal = Libra

Water Interpersonal = Scorpio

Fire Transcendant = Sagittarius

Earth Transcendant = Capricorn

Air Transcendant = Aquarius

Water Transcendant = Pisces

The point of this theory is that, no matter which element or perspective you are, your existance is invaluable as all elements and perspectives are equally important and necessary in order for humanity as a whole to continue enjoying its existance in the most balanced manner.

So please enjoy being yourself as fully as you can with confidence, and feeling the unconditional love and support that universe has given for all of us.

 ” When your personality comes to serve the energy of your soul, that is the authentic power”

Gary Zukov