About Akira

Akira Iwase

Born in March 1973 in Tokyo, Japan.


Akira is an inspirational speaker and a best selling author in the area of universal laws and spirituality, with more than 30,000 subscribers worldwide for his YouTube channel.

Since 2015, Akira has conducted sessions, seminars, and public speeches for over 10,000 people in the area of self-empowerment and  realization to one’s own potential.

Akira’s major foundation and inspirations have come from psychology (NLP etc), astrology (Western & Eastern), and spirituality (Bashar, Abraham, Ryo, Oprah Winfrey, etc).

Akira’s dream is to attain the sense of absolute freedom as physical being, experiencing 4th density reality where everything in life is magical and miraculous.





【Education / Career / Credits】
・B.A. Metropolitan State College of Denver (1997)
・B.A. Yokohama National University (1998)
・990 (full score) for TOEIC(1997)
・Worked at 2 major IT companies (Microsoft : 1998-2006,  Symantec : 2008 – 2014)in Consumer Marketing
・Certified NLP Practitioner (2014)